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In My Pocket || Field Notes

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I believe there are things that are necessities in every man’s pocket.  Without any of them, a man’s efficiency and performance in all things man are significantly compromised.  One of these necessities is a quality notebook.

Moleskine has created a cult trend lately with a smart marketing campaign and  very simple yet effective notebooks.  Yet a problem I have with Moleskines is it’s mobility in my pocket.  A softcover notebook still contains hundreds of pages that are most likely blank, and if they’re mostly filled, most of the pages you won’t look back on.  Solution?  Another company that’s creating a cult following: Field Notes.

Seen on the left is the classic Field Notes that comes in a 3-pack for $9.95 and on the right, California 3-Pack for $9.95.  They function as a template for my thoughts, quotes I find inspiring, moments that move me, a place to doodle my grocery list, a folder to hold my receipts, an outlet when I’m bored in class, I can go on and on.

It looks simple, is Made in the U.S.A. with care, and it fits in my pocket.


Written by Victor

September 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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