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Goodbye, my Edinburgh

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From the awe of my first glimpse of the Royal Mile, I knew I was in for something.  That something I didn’t quite understand at the time, but man did I learn.  The sounds of bag pipes along Princes Street, the underground clubs on Cowgate, the Ceilidh band in McEwan Hall.  Hundreds of students in a monolith hundreds of years old dancing to hundreds of songs.  It was beautiful and freeing.

There’s a charm about walking into Meadow Bar, taking in a Guinness or Deuchars if you’re feeling for a light ale.  There’s also a charm to a good Ardbeg to end the night strong.  There’s a charm when you walk outside a pub with your coat and gloves in hand, and not a bit of cold hits you until your 5th step, when the cold, definitely, hits you. Or you can just do it the easy way with some White Lightning and a flat mate of Scots.

Nothing quite like ending the night at a friend’s flat and talking about endless things, or starting the day climbing Arthur’s Seat and reveling at the sight.  Or marching off to Waverley to catch the next plane to wherever.  There’s nothing quite like the constant wind, screwing up your night of sleep.

There’s nothing like the friend’s you make on the biggest 4 months of your life.  It’s tough to walk back to normality when everyday is bubbling with abnormality.  Words are jumbled but memories don’t need to be.

Edinburgh is quite a place, and I’ll miss you.


Written by Victor

December 17, 2009 at 9:00 am

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