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I’ve gotten some positive feedback about the blog lately and it’s been pretty encouraging.  It’s nice seeing your daily views just gradually creeping up as the weeks go bye.  Granted, I doubt I will ever be at the level where my favorite bloggers are in terms of pure readability and content, but I don’t aim for it anyway.  It’s been really difficult finding a niche and to be honest I still haven’t.  Fashion bloggers?  There’s tons of them.  Culture?  Design? Photography?  I mean the web really does cover the entire spectrum of life, making it tough to weasel my way into it with something completely fresh.  But maybe I’m not aiming for that either.  There are things that really pique my interests and there are things that pique my interest enough that I can’t help but share.  Hopefully it does the same to you.

Future? I really don’t know, but just keep reading and following, I hope you enjoy this with me.  Cheers.

Steelworker with well-drunk mug of beer and cigar.  July 1936.

(image from LIFE Google Archives, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt)


Written by Victor

November 17, 2009 at 5:42 pm

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