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eBay Treasure || 1882 Duluth Pack $100,000

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Up for auction is the holy grail of camping/ hiking equipment in this patented in 1882 Duluth “Poirier Pack Sack” BackpackRucksack Bag. (Actual Date on this Camille Poirier Strap Pack is “PAT’D NOV. 10. 1882.”) The application for the “Pack Strap” at the US Patent Office was filed on October 11, 1882. Handmade in Duluth, Minnesota by Camille Poirier himself, who pioneered the company (today known as Duluth Pack, Duluth-MN). A lot of history is attached to this item so please sit back and enjoy.

Their words, not mine.  We’re talking $100,000.  To be fair,Duluth Pack has made it 130 years to today, where it’s still a coveted canoe pack company at it’s core.  The packs are timeless, which you can probably easily imply seeing that it hasn’t changed at all in design since 1882.  If this is genuine, which I’m assuming it is since this is quite a risk to take, this is an incredible piece of historical preservation as well as, well, a treasure. Any takers?

(Image via Archival Clothing)


Written by Victor

October 15, 2009 at 5:16 am

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