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Eurotrip 2009 || Day 5 “Bella Roma”

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Location: Dark dim room of 8 in a Alessandro Palace Hostel

Okay I’ve only seen maybe a radius of 5 blocks of Rome, but what I’ve seen is great!  It’s not so much maybe the views but more so the culture.  The people here are so rich with character and they’re all so opinionated.  They really do have the stereotypical Italian “talking hands”!  I had lunch at this place called Snack Bar.  The most generic name in the world with the most un-generic food. We had Seafood Spaghetti, a Fruit Salad, and a Croissant, which all turned out to be top notch, well deserving for our first meal in Italy.  We then had dinner in a pizza parlor across the street from our hostel that was cool.  The guy working there was nice to us and asked us if “it was good pizza”, which I promptly returned with a big thumbs up.  Honestly, these are more the moments I want to see, even more than the sights and attractions.


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August 20, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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