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SExDBxS09 Contest Jeans Month 0

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I purchased you.


“The SEXDBXS09 jean has been produced by Dry Bones, one of Japan’s longest running vintage Americana style denim manufacturers. Months were spent getting the denim exactly where we wanted it and the denim was woven for this project; as the denim has never before been used on another garment nobody knows exactly how it will age.

Self Edge has chosen a denim with a little more weight than the classic styles, at 16oz it’s got heft to it, and with massive amounts of character showing from the warp and weft it’s sure to age well. ” -Self Edge

“Jizzed in my pants” -SNL


Written by Victor

February 28, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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  1. […] 2009 contest jeans.  Pretty significant fading for only 3 months of wear compared to the original. If you aren’t familiar with this collaboration, or to denim obsessions in general: […]

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